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This final piece of our being is the style that defines you.

Personality cannot predict one’s emotional intelligence and remains relatively stable over a lifetime.

We all know someone who is brilliant but socially inept.

However, people with average IQs outperformed those with high IQs 70% of the time.

In 1995, it was disclosed that the high performers had high levels of emotional intelligence.

You also get impatient with others and are sometimes uncomfortable in emotional situations. Our section on developing your emotional intelligence will help you reach a high level.

If your score is between 40 and 48: Your emotional intelligence is a bit low.

Emotional intelligence affects almost every area of one’s life.

Consider the following: Now that we have defined what emotional intelligence is and how important it is, we need to find out how emotionally intelligent you are.

Watch the reactions of others to determine when you are using your emotional intelligence effectively and when you are not.

Objectively looking at social and personal situations where emotions run high and analyzing your success will help you improve your already high emotional intelligence even more.

Now, after decades of research, experts recognize that emotional intelligence is the critical factor that characterizes star performers.

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