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Here's how to download and install this and other updates for mac OS High Sierra.

The latest version of mac OS adds support for Business Chat in Messages and support for external GPUs.

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There are also a number of bug fixes and smaller performance improvements.

You don't have to manually update mac OS every time a new one launches.

Note that the following procedure only lists stock Apple system updates (i Tunes, Photos, printer drivers the like), but not updates for other Apple apps that aren't installed with mac OS (Xcode, for instance), and not third-party updates from the Mac App Store. Available updates always appear as items in a list.

In our example, only one update is available at this time, but every item follows the same format, as shown: The asterisked line denotes the individual software update package that's available for your Mac to download. The second line offers a more detailed description of the update, including the version number (usually in brackets) and the download file size in kilobytes.

In our tests, we found that this method was capable of shaving off several minutes of idle time during installation restarts, but that the time-saving depends on the machine and the update in question.

Users with older Macs in particular will likely appreciate this tip, as it saves having to fire up the Mac App Store altogether, which can be slow-going and sometimes even downright unresponsive. Before following these steps, ensure you have a full backup of your system, which should be par for the course when performing any update.Read on to find out what the latest version of High Sierra is and whether you should go ahead and download it.If you would like to find out about the next version of the Mac operating system - mac OS 10.14 - you can read about that here.You can turn on automatic updates and it will download in the background.How to turn on automatic updates for mac OS Sierra Let us know in the comments!Moving on, to download a specific update for your system without also installing it then and there, you can use: softwareupdate -d NAME Updates downloaded in this way can be subsequently installed with the same -i or --install command above, or even through the Mac App Store.

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