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Within each subsidiary/operational area of activity across the Oasis Group there are Safeguarding Leads/Child Protection Officers who lead on Child Protection issues within their relevant location.

They are clear about their role, have sufficient time and receive relevant support, and training, to undertake their roles, which includes close contact with outside agencies including social services, the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and relevant health care organisations.

The Board of Trustees for Oasis Charitable Trust has ultimate responsibility for Safeguarding issues.

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All eligible staff and volunteers are required to undertake relevant safeguarding training and this is regularly reviewed by each lead in the Oasis subsidiaries to ensure it is up to date.

A training database for all staff and volunteers is maintained, while training needs are reviewed as part of individual performance reviews and more broadly throughout the organisation by audit.

The last training strategy review occurred through the Safeguarding Steering Group in January 2015.

Oasis has robust audit checklists to ensure that safeguarding systems and processes are working.

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During the off season of the pool from September-May the activity/conference room and the admissions area are available for rent.

We will ensure all policies and procedures in respect of safeguarding children are up to date and in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016.

The policies are accessible to all staff through the Oasis Zone and Academies Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

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Please take a moment to read our governing board’s full resolution regarding this movement.

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