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Re: Anyone else think they're going to struggle to sleep all week?

(NT) -- Leading up to the Derby matches was incredibly nerve wracking.

Find it disappointing that some didn't buy tickets in the spirit in my view they should ie ffc fans rather than 'i'll buy my whole allocation and if my mates don't fancy it i'll sell them on'. [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: Agreed, how can you suddenly have 2 or 3 spare tickets ?

Sad Iy I think many of us will find ourselves sitting next to AV supporters (NT) -- Richard Head, Sunday, May 20, pm ( Could've been worse, 11k season tickets holders only took up on average 2 per STH.

(NT) -- Jimmy Hill's Chin, Sunday, May 20, pm (No Host/ I made a similar comment yesterday John , in particular reference to ‘MLF’ and ‘JHC’ , who rarely fail to ‘disappoint .

I will repeat what I said and that is that their criticisms incur greater contempt amongst many posters than your posts to which they respond (NT) -- Mickey, Sunday, May 20, pm (No Host/94.1) Why is one poster in particular always trying to stir shit in this board ?

I get the odd pull out perhaps due to illness or other circumstances nearer the time but let's be fair many of our lot have hoovered up their allocation and we'll now have a week - I'm sure - of suddenly tickets being available as someone suddenly can't make it (ie we overbooked and can't sell them on).

I mean really are FFC fans not suddenly available to go to Wembley?

At least he makes constructive comments now whereas Saunders is and always will be a fruitcake. The amount of infrequent fans that have got tickets leaves nobody with any excuse for not being able to go.

(NT) -- AC, Sunday, May 20, pm ( and Mickey has in no way changed his view of the Khans, so dont pretend hes changed his opinions to coincide with you sheep. To witness promotion with 38,000 fellow fans and the party after will be amazing.

(NT) -- other c, Sunday, May 20, pm ( Villa fan on twitter saying it’s easier for a lunatic to get a gun in America than gett a ticket in the Fulham end and states background checks do actually work so don’t think there will be many in the Fulham end (NT) -- hb, Sunday, May 20, pm ( Spare tickets -- Paul, Sunday, May 20, pm ( Ended up with 2 spare tickets cat 4 if anyone is interested.

[ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Hopes and fears----- Hopes - we get torn into them early and go in at HT with comfortable pass to the Premiership.

Suspect if there are any villa in our end it will be in the lower end of hundreds rather than thousands, the only ticket resale site I've seen tickets on also had exactly the same blocks/tickets/prices showing for the villa end which shows how dodgy those sites are.

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