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Now, people have all these crazy apps where you can locate people in your vicinity where people want to have a relationship.

You should be very careful.”He said he was not bothered by the terms of Mr. There are other opportunities.”That kind of talk infuriates the Andersons. That’s like taking away electricity or heat or gas to somebody, in today’s world.”With their son’s release from jail set for Thursday, they were scrambling to find him a new place to live and satisfy the sex offender restrictions on housing.

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This guy is obviously not a pedophile.”But once Mr.

Anderson leaves jail in the coming week, he will be bound by the same restrictions that apply to more extreme sex offenders, tagged with a “scarlet letter” for life, as his father, Lester Anderson, put it.“At the end of the day, he might be out of jail, but he’ll still be in his own jail,” his father said.

His probation will also require him to stay off the Internet, though he needs it to study computer science.

Some advocates and legal authorities are holding up Mr.

“He has to walk down the street every day and think: ‘Am I too close to a school? ’ ”There are fledgling efforts in some states to change sex offender registries so that they do not include juveniles or those guilty of minor offenses.

In California, the corrections department announced in March that the state would ease residency requirements for many sex offenders, allowing certain low-risk individuals to live in areas closer to schools and parks that were previously off limits.They had sex in a playground in Niles, the police report said. Anderson in a Michigan jail, and he now faces a lifetime entanglement in the legal system. Anderson that she was 17 — a year over the age of consent in Michigan — was actually 14.The case came to the attention of the police after the girl’s mother contacted them, concerned about her whereabouts.Also listed are people found guilty of lesser offenses that run the gamut from urinating publicly to swapping lewd texts. Anderson’s defenders see it, his story is a parable of the digital age: the collision of the temporary relationships that young people develop on the Internet and the increasing criminalization of sexual activity through the expansion of online sex offender registries.“The whole registry is a horrible mistake,” said William Buhl, a former judge in Michigan who has publicly argued that laws governing registries ought to be relaxed.“I think it’s utterly ridiculous to take teenage sex and make it a felony.During a sentencing hearing in April, Judge Wiley criticized online dating in general and berated Mr. It is also easy to misrepresent personal details, including age.“When somebody impersonates an adult, that should be a factor,” said Scott Grabel, Mr. Anderson’s, the punishment seems appropriate.“A 19-year-old knows that you have to be very careful, and you certainly should not be having sex with a 14-year-old,” Mr. “In my opinion, society, over several decades, has become looser.

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