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As a shy girl, I know that us quiet people can be a little hard to talk to.But sometimes, all a dude needs is a girl to coax him out of his shell – and there’s no reason you can’t be that girl!The reason for this is that pubs are really loud and crowded, and you will not be able to spend time alone with her nor will able to talk to her.

Be Honest Many guys feel that girls are only attracted to guys who are extroverts, and hence try to imbibe their characteristics just to attract the girls. On the other hand, my advice will be, tell the girl that you are shy and an introvert.

She will understand your feelings better and will try to make you comfortable.

One day he found her walking hand-in-hand with a guy from his class and realized what he had lost, and thought, 'if only I had the courage to talk to her, if...'Just like David, there are many guys who have missed out on opportunities of asking prospective girlfriends on a date because of their shy nature.

Just when they muster up the courage to approach a girl, their heart starts racing so fast that they take their steps backward. Such questions reflect the lack of confidence in these guys, which is one of the most important quality needed in the dating world.

The old saying, 'if you look good, you feel good' surely rings true in this case.

Another important thing you have to do is to get rid of the negative thoughts which are responsible for your lack of confidence.Once you become comfortable talking to your date, your friend can leave so that you both can get to know each other better.Work on Your Appearance Shy guys always run away from the limelight and dress in a way that make them difficult to be the center of attention.Take Your Friend If you are too shy to even talk to the girl, you can ask your best friend to come along with you.Having a friend nearby will make you feel confident and you may start talking freely.However, as he had always been a shy type and very rarely mingled with girls, he was very apprehensive to talk to her.

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